"Austin Cooper"


Was born in Toledo Ohio in 1956, and in 1960 moved to a little town called Sunflower, Mississippi. His love for music began in the fifth grade when he did his first musical and sung "Who Will Take The Woman with the Skinny Legs" by Rufus Thomas. Austin also participated in the school chior throughout his junior and high school years. He began his musical career singing with a band called "Westbond Extension. He later joined the United States Air Force where he entered and won several talent shows. He was also selected to join Tops & Blues, which is a traveling musical show put on by the Air Force. He has entered TV contest put on by channel 7 and 5, where he made the top twenty finalistt. Those who come to enjoy his soulful sound, which complete the harmony of Old School Fellas, know him as A-Train.